Sinh viÍn Mỹ vŗ CŠi Mơn


My name is Sarah Ross and in my normal life I am a busy American working woman with a busy career and many things happening at once.   I rarely sit still.  I always seem to run out of time to do the things I love to do like read, keep a journal, catch-up with friends, take pictures and just be still and enjoy the things around me.  Iím always on the go and taking on more than I can handle.  So, I decided to take an extended trip to get away from my hectic life in the U.S. and I ended up in a small town called Cai Mon in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. 

I didnít know what to expect and I had little knowledge of the area.  All I knew is that I would be staying at a church helping to teach English.  What I have experienced since I arrived has certainly exceeded my expectations.  The people in Cai Mon may not be rich, but what they lack in Dong, they make up for in many positive qualities.  They are generous and kind, hospitable and welcoming, calm and polite.  They have invited me into their homes, fed me their excellent cuisine, shown me around the town and have overall made certain that I have a wonderful experience here. 

However, what I am most impressed with is their eagerness to learn English.  I have students of many ages.  I have students that I teach formally and I also have impromptu classes with small children that take place on the front porch of the church when they see me sitting outside reading my books.  They are all earger to improve their English skills which I believe will serve them very well in the future.

This town is changing quickly, almost before my eyes.  Iíve been watching them prepare to build a new bridge in front of the church, and they will soon open another new bridge shortening the trip between Cai Mon and Saigon.  What I donít think will change is the generous, gentle and peaceful nature of the people of this area.

I want to thank the people of Cai Mon for making my trip very memorable.  You have taught me to slow down and appreciate the things around me.  I have found time again to do the things that I love like read, keep a journal and take pictures.  It has been a very peaceful trip for me and I only hope that I have helped you learn a little more English.  I will remember each of you.

Sarah Ross